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sito ufficiale louis vuitton Last week, Days of Our Lives ended with EJ, played by James Scott, attempting to tell the police that Lucas, portrayed by Bryan Dattilo, was in danger inside his prison cell. When the police failed to respond in apt fashion, EJ punched an officer and got himself taken into custody. He was then locked up with Lucas, where he went on to face Stefano DiMera's (Joseph Mascolo) bodyguard, Carmine.,MY first encounter with luxury fashion came at age 15, when my dapper father took me past the fragrance counters of Saks Fifth Avenue, up the mirrored escalators to whichever floor was then housing the gilded designer salons (instead of the jammed racks of so-called "better dresses," with all that ominously implies). Hitherto I had shopped at the humbler, now-defunct Gimbels on Lexington Avenue, supplementing my meager haul with the occasional vial of mascara shoplifted from the even more cut-rate Woolworth down the street. But here, in the hushed confines of Calvin Klein, we happened upon a camel-hair cape whose price tag, to my youthful astonishment, displayed four figures. Being a psychiatrist, not an investment banker, my dad didn't make the purchase; nor, as a rather gawky, accident-prone teenager, did I really want him to. (Indeed, I maintain a fearful, ambivalent relationship with expensive clothes to this day.) But we spent what seemed an eternity trying the cape on, admiring and deliberating it.I remembered this adventure during a recent exploration of Net-a-Porter, the top-of-the-line shopping site that has defied all gloomy prognostications about e-commerce and helped transform the way well-off women stock their wardrobes: surreptitiously, frequently and online, rather than in grand seasonal outings to corniced retail palaces. While other sites present undersize photographs, cluttered layouts and awkward shipping arrangements, this one has its act together.Ground shipping and returns are free, maximizing the opportunity to give things a spin in your own living room (so long as it's carpeted). And every single item is a camel-hair cape, metaphorically speaking: photographed in panoramic detail, first alone �� waiting, tantalizingly, to be pasted on the paper doll that is you �� and then on waxen, faceless models against stark white backgrounds, as if in a museum.Like department stores, Net-a-Porter organizes its offerings by designer, enough to fill the floor of an airplane hangar. You can also examine the garments in "boutiques" themed to occasion, color or category, and see them pop up on a map the moment they are bought in Krakow or Shanghai; the excesses of our global sisterhood is oddly soothing. Pecking in a search for "capes" (Rosebud!), I found a navy merino wool one by the model-turned-knitwear designer Claudia Schiffer, who was discovered in a D��sseldorf disco about the time I was ushered through Saks, for a mere $585. Karen Millen Outlet "white jimmy choo shoes It cannot be helped that many women like to emulate celebrities and their fashion sense. From street sightings to red carpet jaunts, these top female fashion icons of inimitable style and poise have become highly influential for women of all ages.,If you want to look stylish, it is necessary to follow the latest fashion trends. Nowadays, following latest fashion have become one of the most excellent ways to look stylish. Many women always wait for occasions like "Fashion Week" in which latest fashion dresses are shown and to know any changes and latest trends that they can include with their own style.
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